How to Dispose of Electrical Appliances

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At times we find ourselves in situations where we can’t get rid of certain things in life and electrical items are one of them. It’s important that people properly dispose of electrical appliances. We tend to buy some just for the sake of buying it and sometimes for its purpose. Some appliances tend to work only for a short period and then they become obsolete. It’s also sad when some stop working. You tend to get emotionally attached to the object and one of the reasons could be because it’s been serving you for years.

It’s not easy to dispose electrical items just like any other item, as they have toxic contents, which emit radiations that are harmful to humans. Electronic waste is becoming a big issue as most of the electrical equipments are short lived and so a major part of the municipal waste consists of electronic waste. Also equipments such as fridge and washing machine occupy much space and cause landfill problem and thus damage the environment.

Some products have disposal instructions written on them to help dispose the object in a proper manner for example batteries, which contain lead.

Donate Your Electrical Items to Charity

There is another way to dispose these articles. You can always give them to the civic amenity sites. Some schools, colleges, shops or charity organizations will also take equipments, which they can reuse like a computer. It is best to recycle these obsolete articles, as there are many advantages to it.

When you recycle you are not spending on raw materials, transport or energy, plus it also doesn’t damage the environment. Instead of recycling if you produce a new product there is loss of raw material, energy, water and the environment is also damaged due to mining. Also when electrical equipments fail to work they still have some parts which can be used. For example, if you think your computer cannot be reused there will be some companies who may be ready to take some of its parts to reuse.

There are certain products like printer cartridges, which can be refilled and reused. Most types of toner cartridges can be manufactured but cannot be refilled. They are dismantled, cleaned, and some parts are replaced. They are then sold as a fresh toner. Mobile phones are not actually disposed but they are taken by shops that sell them. So they don’t contribute much to environment damage.

If you care about your environment there are certain things you should take into account when you’re buying an electrical product. Of course, when you’re buying any equipment it should give you your money’s worth. Always ask if the equipment can be upgraded instead of buying a new one.

If you have certain products with you, which you don’t use you can always give it to somebody who can use them. You can always check in the net for companies and organizations willing to take such goods. Always try to repair things instead of buying a new one. Keep electrical appliances and other hazardous material separately and not together in general waste.

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