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Davis Exporters specializes in buying distribution panels and other surplus electrical equipment. If you’re looking for a reliable buyer for your electrical overstock, distribution panels, or any other electrical or industrial equipment, you’re in the right place!

We work with companies large and small across the entire nation to help recover lost and idle assets. Old distribution panels that are sitting around taking up space could be offloaded and turned into cash. Getting an estimate for your distribution panels is easy.

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We Make it Easy to Sell Distribution Panels

We know that your time and space are valuable. That’s why we’re committed to providing a hassle free selling experience to our partners in the electrical and industrial industries. Many companies large and small from across the United States already choose Davis Exporters for overstock liquidation and idle asset recovery.

When you choose Davis Exporters, you get the convenience and professionalism that only comes with decades in the industry. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, as well as arrange and pay for any necessary shipping, demolition, excavation, or anything else. It’s never been easier to sell distribution panels and get exactly what they’re worth

We also purchase all types of tube finning equipment.

We also purchase HDPE Pipe whether it be new, used or scrap.