McElroy Equipment

McElroy Equipment

McElroy Equipment—Some of the Best Fusion Machines You Can Find
written by: jworhi

Manufacturing is one of the planet’s most well-known producers of fusion
machines. McElroy has perfected the skill of joining thermoplastic pipes with
the use of pressure and heat. In spite of the fact that the most common pipes
utilized are very thick polyethylene, McElroy equipment are trustworthy enough
to fuse or weld almost all kinds of thermoplastic pipes. McElroy equipment is
among the most favored in the industry since they are solid, productive and
tough, and are furnished with exceptionally specialized technical capabilities.

The Mini-Mc. McElroy has patented this exceptionally compact and
lightweight heater that can fuse thermostatic pipes 16mm to 34mm in diameter.
The smallest fusion machine by McElroy is hand-operated that can be managed by
just one operator. It is furnished with advanced innovative features that
empower this McElroy equipment to provide precise alignment and fusion.

The 1LC. This McElroy equipment provides equal conveyance of force
around the joint as a result of its patented centerline guidance framework. It
is characterized by semi-automatic cam that wires 16mm to 34mm pipe diameters. It
is also equipped with high-rated electronic framework that immediately spots
the guiding poles of the unit. It also comes with serrated jaws that keep pipes
from slipping throughout the merger process.

The Sidewinder. This fusion equipment is perfect when intertwining
4-inch IPS saddle pipes to other more diminutive
branch saddles or tapping tees into 1 ¼ -inch or bigger primary sizes pipes.
The Sidewinder has two configurations–the Jaw Clamp and the Chain Clamp. The
Jaw Clamp is most effectively utilized when joining together branch saddles or
tapping tees and service saddle fittings. The Chain Clamp on the other hand are
most effective when utilized for the fusion of main pipes with diameter bigger
than 4 inches.

The MegaMc 2065. This McElroy equipment joins pipe sizes 500mm to
1600mm in diameter. This fusion machine is intended for the biggest measured
polyethylene pipes utilized over all industries throughout the planet. It has
the capacity for a butt combination of most pipe fitting without the use of any
special holder.In spite of the fact that this machine can fuse the biggest of
pipe sizes, it can still be manipulated by only one person. This can be attributed
to its excellent semi-automatic control framework. It also uses hydraulic power
to complete all its fusion functions.

The McElroy 618. This fusion machine has the capacity to butt-fuse
pipes with sizes ranging from 180mm to 450 mm. This McElroy equipment is
equipped with 618 pieces of interchangeable four-jaw carriage that can be
effectively removed or replaced, depending on the fusion needs. This machine is
built on wheeled case so it can effectively be moved around the worksite and it
also comes with a ready on-board generator to power-up the heater and other

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