Excavator Buyers

We Service all 50 states

We want ANY excavators you may have:

  • New
  • Used
  • Obsolete
  • 360
  • Tracked
  • All Sizes (13hp to 4500hp)
  • Any Brand (CAT, LINK BELT, L&T KOMATSU, etc.)

Davis Exporters is the best choice for a excavator buyer. Why?

Davis Exporters specializes in buying used industrial equipment…and that includes buying excavators of all sizes. Our capabilities include equipment pick up, regardless of equipment size or your business location. We don’t limit our equipment buying because of geography or equipment size. We are equipped and available to pick-up difficult-to-transport equipment in the most remote locations. Because of our years of experience and strategic partnerships, no equipment pick-up is too small or large.

When it comes time to sell your excavators, choose Davis Exporters for high-value returns and 24-hour service. With our stellar service history expertise, there’s just no reason to trust your job to rookies — or to sit on idle machinery that could be cash.

We also purchase all types of tube finning equipment.

We also purchase HDPE Pipe whether it be new, used or scrap.