Where to Recycle Electrical Goods?

Search for ‘recycling for charity’ online and you’ll see that this is big business, so to speak. From printer cartridges and batteries to washing machines, mobile phones and fridge freezers, you can recycle almost anything and if you choose the right method you’ll be helping the environment and the charity in question.

The pairing up of national charities with recycling schemes is a relatively new idea and one that should mean the UK soon has some pretty impressive recycling figures to show off to the rest of the world. In 2005/06 27 per cent of the UK’s 25.5 million tonnes of household waste was recycled and now that there are dedicated bins and collections at residential properties and local recycling centres and supermarkets there’s really no excuse for this figure not to be bumped up considerably and quickly.

where to recycle electrical goods

Different Ways of Recylcling Electrical Goods?

There are different types of recycling; one is a recycling of component parts and the materials that they are made up of and the other is to sell it on to people less fortunate or to make money to support a charity, either way is beneficial to the environment and to you. Gone are the days when you’d feel guilty about throwing away a bulky household appliance but had to because there was no other option, now we can give our items away (as long as they’re in good working order) or take them to a recycling centre and know that they’re being turned into something else rather than being left to rot in a landfill and potentially pollute our precious water supplies.

Charities can only accept electrical items that are in a saleable condition and this means that they turn on and all their functions work, that they are not suffering from more damage than expected levels of wear and tear and the plug or any of the casing is not missing. Charities make money by selling on your unwanted goods and using the proceeds to carry out vital research or provide basic provisions or healthcare to those in need. More and more companies are teaming up with charities in a noble attempt to use their brand influence to raise awareness of both good causes and recycling.

There will soon come a day when we recycle as standard and we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it and where all the rubbish went. Until that day make sure you lead the way by recycling the old when you buy the new, whether this is something small like and electric toothbrush or mobile phone or something and valuable as a Hotpoint fridge freezer or Beko tumble dryer.

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