Safety Tips for Replacing Circuit Breakers

safety tips for replacing circuit breakers

safety tips for replacing circuit breakers
written by: laureenwanj

A circuit breaker might break
resulting in the need of replacing it with a new one. However, if your circuit
breaker needs replacement, you need to follow certain steps on how to replace a
circuit breaker. First, you need to turn off all branch circuits and finish
with the main circuit breaker. Again, you should check the voltage on adjacent
breakers to ensure that the breaker panel is dead. 

The other step is to turn off the
panel cover, as this will give you the right access to branch circuits but not
the main circuit breaker compartment. After that, disconnect the wire from the damaged
breaker and cut it off. Focus on how the breaker suits in the panel as well as
locks into place for you to be able to replace it well. Check the other branch
circuits to ensure that they are also working properly. 

Some of the safety precautions you
need to check are that you need to have the right tools for the work. Besides,
you should ensure that you have replaced the circuit breaker with similar
breaker otherwise, it will not work. If you are upgrading to a larger size with
more amperes, then you should rewire the whole breaker box in order to support
the increased power. Avoid using high-amperage fixtures like hair dryers,
irons, as well as other heat producing fixtures in the same circuit. 

You should also bear in mind that
the red and black wires have electrical current as they carry electricity from
the circuit breaker to the electrical fixtures while white wires are electrical
return wires where the electricity will flow by the appliance back to the
circuit breaker. Familiarizing yourself with such wiring basics will help you
stay safe and protect yourself from certain mistakes relating to electricity. 

The other safety precautions you
need to consider is that you should find out the cause of the problem in order
to fix everything related to the problem before you start replacing the circuit
breaker. Once you are through with everything, turn on the main circuit breaker
and test all the circuits to ensure that they are working properly. 

Therefore, you should always use
these safety precautions every time you are replacing a circuit breaker or any
other electrical equipment like fuses, cords or wires. Otherwise, if you are
not a professional in that area kindly consult an expert and an experienced
person to do the work for you. 


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