Safety In Building Demolition Procedures

Building Demolition Procedures

Safety In Building Demolition Procedures.
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Demolition is the pulling down of buildings or structures due to defects or other reasons. Demolition is the exact opposite of construction. Building demolition becomes necessary either when a building has aged and become unfashionable or defective, or when a building is in the way of a developement project.

The building demolition process can be very complicated. This is due to several considerations regarding the safety of the demolition personnel, the individuals residing within the surrounding area, and other structures close to the building marked for demolition. The demolition of a small house is quite simple and may only require a crane or bulldozer. Bigger structures on the other hand require greater care as their demolition will involve a series of complex stages. The two most important factors that determine the demolition procedure employed in any particular demolition exercise, are the size of the building and its location. A demolition procedure may be manual or mechanical, or a combination of both. The method chosen is usually influenced by safety and simplicity.

Equipment used in a mechanical demolition exercise include wrecking balls, rams, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, etc. A wrecking ball is a heavy ball which is attached to a strong cable and then swung by a large crane. This piece of equipment is used to smash the building into smaller pieces.

A building can be demolished by a process known as undermining. The principle behind undermining is the removal of all important structures supporting the building from its base. Undermining has the advantage of being swift and ensuring that the building collapses in a desired direction.

Implosion is the used of many controlled explosions to bring down a building. Here, the building comes down upon itself without damaging any surrounding structures. Building demolitions performed by implosion may take longer to clean up the mess.

The safest and most environmentally friendly form of demolition is deconstruction. Here the structure is slowly and carefully taken apart, stage by stage. The advantage of this method is that materials are salvaged for re-use, and the quantity of waste generated is reduced.

Building demolition contractors are experts that make sure the building demolition process goes smoothly. Choose a demolition contractor with experience, a good reputation, and a track record of safety.

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