Trane Industrial Chillers

Trane Industrial Chillers

Sell Trane Industrial Chillers

For more than 15 years the Davis Exporters team has bought, sold, and recycled industrial equipment, and that includes Trane industrial chillers. You know that Trane makes some of the highest-quality chillers on the market, but all good equipment runs its course.

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If you have un-working or surplus chillers sitng on your site, sell it to us. We’ll pay you for its value and take the job from there.

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Trane’s EarthWiseTM CenTraVacTM Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers range greatly in size and power. That doesn’t mater to us. Davis Exporters has transported some of the largest chillers successfully. Only an experienced equipment buyer and seller can do that. Our years in the business prove we can.

How to Sell Your Trane Industrial Chiller

  • Contact us by flling out our online form or by calling 1-866-767-7740.
  • Set up a tme for us to visit you. If you need it, we can be there within 24 hours. While we’re based in Riverside, California, we work with businesses throughout the country.c
  • We’ll assess your Trane chiller for value and then get you the cash you need right away.
  • From there Davis Exporters will load and transport your chiller of-site where we’ll either re-sell or recycle the machinery.
  • Invest in your new chiller using the funds earned by selling your Trane industrial chiller.
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The Davis Exporters Diference

You have a choice in industrial equipment buyers and sellers…we know that. But Davis Exporters is a sustainable business. We’ll be there to help you today and in the years to come. Choose a partner you can trust. Sell your Trane industrial chillers to Davis Exporters.

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We will come to you no matter where you are in the US.