How to Recycle Scrap Metal

How to Recycle Scrap Metal

recycling scrap metal

How to Recycle Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal might look like junk, but some people know that it can be valuable. Businesses with scrap metal in their warehouses can recycle it and earn some money. Individuals can collect and recycle scrap metal as a means of extra income. When scrap metal is recycled, it’s kept out of the landfill and can be made into new products. Interested in recycling scrap metal? Here’s how.

first step to sell scrap

Locate Sources

For those who don’t already have a pile of scrap metal sitting around, the first step is to locate sources. Scour the classifieds for your town (in both print and online). You can often find people who list free items that have scrap metal.

Advertise that you will remove scrap metal for homeowners or businesses. If you offer a free removal service, you’ll find that people will call you and happily give you their scrap metal as long as you’re willing to haul it away.

scrap metal debris

Let friends and family members know that you’re willing to remove their scrap metal for free. You’ll be surprised how may people have old appliances and leftover construction materials (such as copper tubing) sitting around.

Find out when your community offers large trash pick up. Most municipalities offer at least a twice-per-year service for residents to leave large items at the curb for disposal; some offer the service one day per month. On large trash pick-up day, drive through the neighborhood and scout for scrap metal.

second step to sell metal scraps

Separate scrap metals.

Separate your scrap metal into three categories:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

These are typically the three most valuable scrap metals. Make sure that you remove copper tubing from large appliances—otherwise, it will be paid at the lower steel rate.

third step to sell metal scraps

Contact a scrap metal dealer.

Inquire about current rates for materials and check to see if the company has required minimums. Transport your scrap metal to the dealer.

valuable copper scrap metals

Once you’ve collected enough scrap metal to make the trip, load it up and take it to the dealer for recycling. The dealer will weigh your scrap metal and make you a cash offer for it. Depending on the current market rates, you may be able to negotiate to get the highest payout.

things to consider about scrap metal

Things to Consider

You’ll need a truck or trailer (or both) to collect and transport scrap metal. Make sure to properly cover and secure your load before driving.

Invest in a pair of heavy gloves and some goggles. Scrap metal can be sharp—take care to avoid injury.

If you can store your scrap metal in a garage or storage facility, you may be able to time the market so that you cash in when values are highest.

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