Battery disposal

Battery disposal can be done either through recycling or disposing of
just like normal household trash. While some batteries, especially the alkaline ones,
can be disposed of with household trash, others such as Lead Acid vehicle
batteries can taken back to the place of purchase for recycling. Most car
batteries’ selling points accept used batteries for recycle albeit at a small

Whichever method of battery disposal, no battery should be
disposed of in fire as it can explode. Disposal of large numbers of alkaline batteries
should not be done in a group because oftentimes, used batteries are not
completely dead. Grouping live batteries together can bring them into electrical
contact with one other and therefore create safety risks.

recycle batteries

Button type batteries such as silver oxide, mercuric
oxide, lithium and zinc-air, and which are usually used in watches, toys, and
remote controls are hazardous waste. The best way to dispose them of is to take
them to a household hazardous waste collection site.

Carbon Zinc batteries often used in clocks, calculators,
smoke alarms and flashlight are classified as non-hazardous waste and can
therefore be disposed of just like normal household waste. However, there are locations
whereby disposal of these batteries must be done according to Universal Waste

Lithium or lithium ion batteries commonly used in
tennis shoes, cameras and computer memory backup are also classified as
non-hazardous waste. They can be disposed of in the normal way or recycled.

Nickel-Cadmium batteries which are rechargeable and
often found in power tools, cellular phones and computer packs are hazardous
waste and should be taken to a household hazardous waste collection site. Reusable
alkaline manganese batteries used in radios, calculators and remote controls
can be disposed of by placing in the trash. Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride
batteries can be disposed of safely through either the normal municipal waste
stream or recycling.

With the exception of rechargeable Alkaline batteries,
all rechargeable batteries should be disposed of at collections points such as Office
Supply stores or Best Buy stores.

During battery disposal, no attempt should be made to recharge a battery
unless it is specifically marked rechargeable. Worn out batteries should be removed
from equipment and disposed of immediately.

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